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Summer Jams: Ronika | Red Bull Studios London 

check out some of my favourite summer jams chatting with Redbull Studios… 

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Ronika’s name means salami in 46 different languages. As a child she used to like to sit and eat sausages with her grandma. At the age of 9 she became a vegetarian and her grandma had to eat sausages alone.

In infant school she performed a dance dressed as a teenage mutant ninja turtle, even then, she knew she looked like a fool.

A keen dancer, she dropped out of ballet school to pursue a life of eating. People have often said when you look deep into her eyes they see croissants staring back.

As a child Ronika used to confuse the words ‘Leeds’ and ‘Aids’ thinking they meant the same thing. On a car journey to Leeds she prepared for the worst.

Music was always a problem. Ronika was unable to eat without humming for many years. People thought it was un-nerving and would leave the room. Finally she kept the hum and dropped the munch, starting to sing with real words instead of food.

As teenager she picked up a guitar and strung it with Diana Ross’s hair. Inspired by Meatloafs stare and Tupacs pout she wrote her first tune, it took 8 years to finish but became a huge hit in the Democratic Republic of Poundland.

At the age of 14 she went to her first techno all-nighter in Brixton - these were often followed by after-parties in the houses of hippies raving to techno. ‘Hippy’ was Ronika’s first word, at the age of 14.

Then came record collecting, playing drums, DJing, producing music and sound engineering in a roller coaster of incompetence and delusion.

Still going and pleased to meet you. xoxoxox

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N E W T R A C K - SEARCH SIREN - Free download <3  

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Ronika Radio 1 Mini Mix - Jen & Ally - 300 Seconds To Mix - 

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