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NEW MIXTAPE premiers on Clash! grooves and jams as far as the eye can see... Enjoy X  

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Ronika's announced some things about her debut album - Popjustice 

To all of you wonderful people who have been so patient… my debut album SELECTADISC will be released on 2nd June! eternal love for sticking by me! NOW LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED xoxo 

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"The sea of materialism is at flood tide and all the nations of the world are immersed in it. It is my hope that the fish will rise to the surface, so that they may behold other wondrous aspects of creation; for the people are like unto the fish swimming in the deep – ignorant of the rest of the universe. May they be transformed into birds of the air and soar in the nether atmosphere! "

Abdul Baha

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Guardian Music 

New toon SHELLSHOCKED is track of the day on The Guardian’s music blog X

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Listen: Ronika - 'Shell Shocked' 

NEW TRACK ::S H E L L S H O C K E D:: premiers on Popjustice  

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I’m going to go on the TV show The Voice

But im not going to take my whole body

Just my head

The stage manager Toby wasn’t sure at first

But when I have my lipstick on you don’t notice the lack of arms and legs as much

I’m going to sing a song about being wiser and finding myself

It will be more poignant as my body isn’t there

People gasp as I am carried onto the stage and heavy silence falls as I look out into the crowd

A nervous first breath and then I start to sing

My voice sounds like a perfect blend of all three Bee Gees. The moustache is audible. I nod my head from side to side and raise my eyebrows.

I miss the high notes repeatedly and the song is exclusively high notes.

Falsetto tumbles down and breaks into a bassy rumble

The crowd are on my side though, they whoop and cry in delight at my endeavour

Then after the song and the weeping is over they will ask me where I am from

And I will tell them I’m from a small town that’s not far from a bigger town and ask for my shoes.

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dark art

Marmite is a dark art.

It has a distinctive taste and people who eat it describe it as

'savoury dog oil',

'the sap of the dog'

and ‘dog treacle’

Spreading it on toast is a relatively new phenomenon as Marmite was originally used to oil the rusty fingers of chess players.

Chess is a dating game. A really boring dating game, which guarantees no further dates.

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